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most annoying toy suggestions? calling all mommies!

on September 6, 2012

This may seem a little off topic and hypocritical of me after my proclamation to boycott Toy R Us and all things wasteful, BUT it’s in the name of some good old-fashioned (harmless) mommy revenge.  Any and all feedback will be appreciated and considered!

Today I need to beg the help of all of my mommy blogger friends!  As you know, our little girl turned one this past week.  She is one very lucky little girl and received LOTS of birthday presents, many of them toys.  Unfortunately, one of these toys has turned out to be THE most annoying thing in the world and Stephen and I have been singing this annoying little tune ALL WEEK.

Here’s what it looks like…

Schy won’t ride it or even let us put her on it.  Instead she just stands in front of it, holding the handle bars, pressing the button repeatedly and dancing to the irritating tune, which is pretty cute… the first 3 or 4 times.  Here’s how the annoying little tune goes:  “let’s start her up and let her run, get ready to have some real good fun, it’s clear to the left and clear to the right, so put her in gear and hang on tight!”  OH.  MY.  GOSH.  I swear that this song plays in my dreams, it’s been the last thing I hear at night and it’s the first thing that I hear when I wake up in the morning.  Schy received this little gem from her Aunt, who happens to have a daughter just 5 months older than Schy.  By now I’m sure that you see where this is going.

Stephen and I are determined to find an even more annoying toy for our niece for Christmas.  This is where you come in.  Since I don’t have all of the time or patience in the world to get out there and test every annoying toy, I’m hoping that you all can help!  I know that every parent has gotten their fair share of these toys, at least one. Which toy has driven you to the brink of insanity?  If you have any suggestions for the most annoying toy for a 20 month old, please let me know.  This will really help me narrow down my selection so that I can find that “perfect” gift for my niece… and sister-in-law!  I really, truly appreciate your help!

In the meantime… “let’s start her up and let her run, get ready to have some real good fun, it’s clear to the left and clear to right, so put her in gear and hang on tight!”


6 responses to “most annoying toy suggestions? calling all mommies!

  1. The See N Say. I loved mine as a child but now I know why it suddenly disappeared. Freakin’ annoying.

  2. I probably won’t be much help. I, like freshveggies’ parents, made anything slightly annoying “disappear”. The only that I have that makes noise on its own is a toy phone by fisher price. i can’t find a picture. luckily, my daughter likes to run around too much to like the toys that are “sit and play”. granted, if she got a motorcycle like this, she might be doing the exact same things.

    • Alli Ferraro says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty amazing how kids are attracted to the most obnoxious sounding toys! Why is that? Hahaha… this thing may also “disappear” before mommy and daddy go insane!


  3. Ha ha ha I read this and laughed… Because all I could see in my head was stevie swatting next to this toy booping to the song… Poor Al… I promise no annoying toys from me… I was going to get her an orange cat that she could chase and it sang the abc and the colors

    • Alli Ferraro says:

      Most of the toys don’t bother me. I just tune them out, I guess. This one has just really gotten to both of us. Oh well. I guess it comes with the territory!
      Thanks for not buying her an annoying toy!

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