The Big Green Parenting Experiment

raising a healthy family in a toxic world

day 19: 30 days of thanks

Today I am extremely thankful that I have patience. Patience really is a virtue. Sometimes it is difficult to remain patient when I am running on so little sleep, but overall I think that I’m pretty successful. Everything is so much easier, so much more rewarding when you are patient. Ever see that guy changing lanes, passing people, trying to get ahead only to end up right in front of you at the next traffic light? Being impatient can have pretty negative consequences. So why take that chance? I’m thankful that I have the ability to take a deep breath and have patience. It sure comes in handy with all of the ‘limit testing’ going on in this house lately!



why does teething have to be so hard??

No, I have not dropped off of the planet. I’m just fumbling around in a bit more of a haze than usual lately. You see, it appears to be that time again. That time when my delicate little princess becomes a whiney, pain ridden, sleep refusing handful. This doesn’t really seem to be fair. I know, I know… life isn’t fair. But does it really have to be so unfair at such a young age? It’s a great thing that we don’t remember this excruciating pain from baby-dom or the world would be full of horribly bitter adults.

I’m sort of easing back into this whole blogging thing now. I was on a roll for a while. Generally, I would take some time to myself as Schy napped, but lately I haven’t been so lucky. Naps have been non-existent, short or extra clingy. Sometimes I am just not allowed to leave her side and, by all means, if the choice is lay there so that she gets some semblance of a nap or leave the room with a writhing, over exhausted baby, well, the choice is obvious, no?

I’m not quite at my wit’s end with this because I truly feel for her. This is something that is completely out of our parental control and is probably going to last right up until and possibly beyond her second birthday. I’ll deal. I just wish that there was some way that I could help her deal. I’ve tried the Hyland’s natural teething tabs, which do seem to work, but for a very short time. And we do occasionally bust out the pain reliever, but we don’t want to overdo it with the meds. Not to mention that’s another thing that she despises. I don’t blame her, really. The thought of swallowing medicine makes me gag, especially any sort of syrupy substance. Ew. Then there’s the old “just rub some whiskey on her gums! That’s what we used to do…” from anyone and everyone a generation or more older. I don’t really want to give my baby whiskey. And that advice is difficult to take from someone like my mother who rarely drinks and has considered each of her children to be a lush at one time or another for partaking. (None of us are or have ever been a lush to my knowledge. College students? Yes.)

So, what’s a mom to do, really? Just wait it out? This has proven to be one of the most difficult parenting tasks for me. I feel so helpless. We have these few tricks to help ease the pain, but they all wear off eventually. And as much as I don’t want to rush things and wish that she would grow up even faster, I cannot WAIT for these days to be over. I know that there will be a next thing and one after that… but at least she will be able to communicate her little feelings to us. It’s so hard to understand what could be bothering her at any given time. Can you imagine how hard it must be for her to not understand why the hell mommy isn’t doing anything about it?!?!? sigh.

So we wait and we comfort and we reassure and we soothe… and we hope one morning to wake up to a full set of chompers. The end.

(As always, suggestions welcomed!)


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